Gender Innovation Camp

Our PhD student Luise Koch led one of the six working rooms at the “Gender Innovation Camp” hosted by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Berlin. During the two-day event, Luise involved stakeholders and civil society to discuss support solutions for politically active women who face online gender-based violence. The inclusion of these key figures turned out to be crucial and resulted in the concretization of the idea of a low-tech online platform. The proposed “Plug-In Solidarity” innovation idea aims to offer networking opportunities for women who have experienced online hate and disseminate information such as successful practices or reliable coping methods. The idea was awarded a one-year follow-up support from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. More information about the overarching project aiming at detecting, understanding and mitigating online misogyny against politically active women can be found here:

Regional experts

Our activities are supported by two Brazilian consultants, Maria Paula Riva and Ladyane Souza, who are helping to compile an ever-adapting list of male and female politicians and political activists in Brazil, drawing on their regional expertise. They have also helped to finalise the list of regional and national candidates running for the upcoming elections in October 2022 and will continue supporting the project with regional insight into the political context, online media expansion and gender-based violence in Brazil.

Interview - Sahana Udupa

In an interview for the  Brazilian news organization, Aos Fatos, Sahana Udupa spoke with Ethel Rudnitzki to highlight the challenges of online content moderation especially during election times. The interview was published as part of a series of reports Aos Fatos has published in the runup to the presidential elections in the country. Aos Fatos focuses on fact-checking and investigates disinformation and misinformation networks on social media.

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Interview - Janina Steinert

In an interview with the German scientific magazine, Spektrum, Janina Steinert spoke with Sina Horsthemke about gender-based violence in Germany, discussed a range of risk factors for violence against women, including economic dependency and poor mental health, and outlined how civil society can better support survivors of violence.

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Sunbelt 2022

Talk at Sunbelt 2022, the XLII Social Networks Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) - (Session 78-1. Networks of Polarization):
Measuring dimensions of gendered hate in social media networks
Wienke Strathern, Jürgen Pfeffer

Meeting with Evelyn Regner - Vice President of the European Parliament

10.05.2022: Meeting to talk about AI regulation and online misogny.