Trustworthy Tech Challenge

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The Trustworthy Tech Challenge is a collaborative research initiative between research groups at the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University, the University of Exeter, and the TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology. The project aims to understand which data practices by big-tech companies proposed in the scenarios are considered fair and which are not.

The team created a 10-minute survey that intends to unravel expectations and understandings of fairness of big-tech practices, grounded in individual interpretations of privacy, via role allocations between users of these apps and their CEOs.

Prior research has argued that tech companies can act as information fiduciaries, similar to doctors or lawyers, who are legally obligated to act in the best interest of their clients. Against this backdrop, the trustworthy tech challenge explores what acting in the best interest of the consumer would mean for big-tech companies, and what practices would be considered fair from different perspectives.

We are excited about the collaboration and the opportunity to advance the debate on what the fiduciary duties of tech companies could look like.

Join us and complete the challenge here