Sofie Schönborn

PhD-Kandidatin und Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

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Sofie is a doctoral student and research assistant at the Professorship since July 2022. She graduated with an MPhil in Technology Policy from University of Cambridge. Prior to this, she pursued a double degree in B.Sc. Economics and Business and B.A. Political Science at Goethe University Frankfurt.

Her previous experience includes roles in the technology industry, specifically in the cloud industry and cyber risk and information security consulting. Sofie is a passionate internet policy advocate, representing youth voices in international discourse such as in the 16th UN Internet Governance Forum. In the past, she was engaged in several initiatives that educate and involve young people in matters of technology policy and public discourse, such as Europe's Digital Future, the Good Data Initiative and the Microsoft Campus Community.

At the Professorship, Sofie is leading the Metaverse Research Group and the Global Technology Policy Practice project. Her teaching focuses on the governance of new technologies, especially cloud technology and "the Metaverse".

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