Insights from Building an AI Governance Clinic in Thailand

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To the launch of the Global AI Ethics and Governance Observatory by UNESCO, the International Telecommunication Union and other partners, Prof. Urs Gasser and Constanze Albrecht have published an essay on the the ongoing effort to bolster AI governance implementation capacity in Thailand.

Myriads of AI ethics principles and governance frameworks have been enacted over the past few years or are still in the making - with the EU AI Act crossing the finish line. These governance arrangements are not only extremely important, but also create significant implementation challenges: It's far from trivial to turn abstract principles into actual practices across diverse contexts, particularly in environments with severe resource constraints.

Prof. Gasser and Constanze Albrecht summarized some of the initial lessons learned while incubating Thailand's AI Governance Clinic, which has been co-designed with the Electronic Transaction Development Agency and the Digital Asia Hub Thailand in an short essay.

Prof. Gasser is also joins the new UNESCO AI Ethics Experts without Borders Network.