Welcome to the website of the Professorship of Societal Computing

The Professorship of Societal Computing merges principles from computer science, social sciences, and ethics to explore and shape the impact of technology on society. It focuses among others on:

  • The design and evaluation of human-centered technologies that are accessible and responsive to diverse user needs.
  • The critical assessment of the social and ethical implications of emerging technologies, particularly in terms of equity, privacy, and societal well-being.
  • The application of data science and analytics to understand and address societal challenges.
  • The exploration of public policy and governance in guiding and responding to technological advancements.


Research topics that fall into the scopes of the professorship are:

  • The Impact of algorithms on work, e.g. how generative AI impacts creators (e.g. writers, designers etc.).
  • How to train and deploy multimodal foundation models that are culturally diverse and inclusive.
  • How platforms and algorithms are used for political purposes (e.g. in campaigning, during election periods, but also for diffusing messages).
  • And many more!


If you are interested in any of these topics and want to do a student project, thesis, or searching for a research position, feel free to write to soc(a)sot.tum.de.