Jan Batzner


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About Me

I am an external Ph.D. researcher in Computer Science under the main supervision of Prof. Dr. Gjergji Kasneci at the Chair of Responsible Data Science at TUM. I am a full-time Researcher at Weizenbaum Institute Berlin, the German Internet Institute, contributing to the “Digital Economy, Internet Ecosystem, and Internet Policy” research group led by Dr. Volker Stocker (Weizenbaum/TU Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmid (TU Berlin).

I graduated with a Master‘s in Data Science and Quantitative Methods from Columbia University in New York City. Before my PhD, I worked for a hybrid cloud computing enterprise and have been a Fellow of the International Cooperation of Assigned Names and Numbers and the Bavarian Elite Academy.

Research Interest

My research is on Safe and Socially Aligned AI Applications. My current focus is on Large Language Models, investigating particularly sycophancy and steerability. If you are working on AI Alignment, Auditability, Natural Language Processing, LLMs, or social data science more broadly - feel free to reach out.