Address Lehrstuhl für Responsible Data Science
Technische Universität München
Richard-Wagner-Straße 1
80333 München
Room H.306

How to find us

Steps to get to our offices:

  1. Approach building complex from the side of Richard-Wagner-Straße
  2. Use the rightmost entrance labeled "Hochschule für Politik an der Technischen Universität München"
  3. Enter building H on the ground floor
  4. Go to the right and take the elevator (or staircase) to the 3rd floor
  5. For administration, go to the left and find office 1
  6. For Prof. Kasneci and the research group, go right and take the bridge to building B
  7. Follow the corridor until you reach office 2, 3 or 4


Blue dot 1 Room H.306: Administration
Blue dot 2 Room B.351: Prof. Dr. Gjergji Kasneci
Blue dot 3 Room B.359: Research assistants
Blue dot 4 Room A2.306 / A2.307: Research assistants with meeting room
Dotted red line Ground floor path
Solid red line 3rd floor path