Dr. Martin Pawelczyk

Dr. Martin Pawelczyk defended his dissertation "On the Generation of Realistic and Robust Counterfactual Explanations for Algorithmic Recourse" at the University of Tübingen in June 2023. Dr. Pawelczyk currently works as a post-doctoral researcher at Harvard University, USA. 

Dr. Vadim Borisov

Dr. Vadim Borisov defended his dissertation entitled "Deep Neural Networks and Tabular Data: Inference, Generation, and Explainability" in May 2023 at the Data Science and Analytics Research Group of the University of Tübingen. Dr. Borisov now works as a post-doc at the University Hospital of Tübingen (UKT) and is a co-founder of TABULARIS.AI.

Dr. Hamed Jalali

Dr. Hamed Jalali defended his dissertation with the title "Aggregation Strategies for Distributed Gaussian Processes" at the University of Tübingen in April 2023. Dr. Jalali now holds a post-doc position at the German National Research Infrastructure (NFDI).

Dr. Johannes Haug

Dr. Johannes Haug defended his dissertation titled "Towards Reliable Machine Learning in Evolving Data Streams" in September 2022 at the former Data Science and Analytics Group at the University of Tübingen. Dr. Haug currently works as a data scientist at the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence (BCAI).