Tatjana Križan

Since January 2024, Tatjana Križan has been working as a team assistant at the Professorship of Public Policy for the Green Transition (Prof. Florian Egli) on a part-time basis (25%) at the Professorship of Societal Computing (Prof. Orestis Papakyriakopoulos) on a part-time basis (25%) and at the Chair of Vocational Pedagogy (Prof. Eveline Wittmann) on a part-time basis (50%).

From September 2020 through December 2023, she was at the Chair of Vocational Education (Prof. Eveline Wittmann) and from mid-January 2019 through August 2020 at the office of the Munich Center for Technology in Society (Prof. Sabine Maasen) (today's STS), both on a full-time basis (100%).

Apart from assisting the teams wherever she can and thus doing what she loves, Tatjana’s main focus lies in the administrative processing of third-party funded projects, course planning, exam management, reporting of teaching duties, travel management, editing of the teams’ websites, layout and editing of texts, procurement and resource management, processing of invoices, preparation of paperwork for the hiring of scientific staff and research assistants as well as administrative tasks in the TUM Online Content Management System and tasks concerning the central administration of the TUM.